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Application moisture AF 120 and residual moisture RF 120

Your advantages:


Stationary measurement of material moisture on web-type material without contact


Microwave technique free of maintenance


Ultra-fast on-line absorption measurement in transmission configuration


Huge distance between measurement heads up to 110 mm


Independent of material guidance (horizontal, vertical)


No protection installations necessary





  • Moister of textile, carpet, nonwoven, glass cloth, tire cord, paper, cardboard, sandpaper, plywood, foils, sponge cloth, sausage skin, medical sector, building boards


  • Water based add-ons like dye, chemicals, paste, foam, coating





AF 120 for 0 ... 2000 g H2O/m2 (via calibration curve)

RF 120 for 0 ... 200 g H2O/m2 (via calibration curve)

Sustainable impact

Reduce chemical usage

  • Only the required chemicals are used, which saves valuable resources.

Save energy and CO2


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