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Exhaust humidity FS X

Your advantages:

Extremely robust measurement of exhaust humidity at highest humidity levels


For process temperatures up to 600 °C


Strongest known sensor construction enables highest possible durability


Can be used at very high levels of air pollution


Practically no maintenance (1 minute in 3 months)


Can be integrated into process monitoring and control system PLEVATEC smart with module HumidityMonitoring smart or HumidityControl smart






  • Circulating and exhaust air humidity of industrial dryers of any kind (textile, paper, food, wood, building materials, chemistry,…)


  • Control of exhaust humidity to save energy


  • Control of circulating air humidity for a uniform drying climate to increase product quality


  • Possibility to connect up to 3 humidity sensors FS X to the electronic box FS X Box





Sensor FS X ST up to 250°C, measuring range up to 1000 g/kg

Sensor FS X HT up to 600°C, measuring range up to 90°C dew point

Sustainable impact

Save energy and CO2

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Uncompromising in use and quality.




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