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Fabric temperature TDS

Your advantages:

Contactless measurement in hot environment up to 400 °C

Fast reaction time

Not sensitive to soiling by avoidance of condensation

Very high accuracy (better than +/- 1%)

Air temperature as additional information





  • Monitoring of heat-treatment processes like drying, fixation, condensation, shrinkage, curing, crosslinking in textile, carpet, paper, foils


  • Tailor-made control system for drying and dwell time process with process monitoring and control system PLEVATEC smart with module HeatMonitoring smart or HeatControl smart


  • Up to 8 TDS can be connected to 1 PLEVA Process Box PPB for evaluation





Sensor TDS ST up to 250°C

Sensor TDS HT up to 400°C


  • Rejects or second choice goods can be avoided thanks to process monitoring and the associated reproducibility. This saves both the use of materials and the costs involved.

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