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Moisture measurement with high accuracy and without safety precautions

February 2024

ide/center/side microwave measurement technology for moisture, coating, application / add-on and dye pick-up measurement

Our newly improved side/center/side microwave measurement technology for moisture, coating, application / add-on and dye pick-up measurement offers several benefits for an even more efficient and comfortable usage:


- New and easier adjustment of the side heads with improved precision of adjustment

- Improved sensitivity and accuracy by more than 30%

- Automatic and fast adjustment of measuring range

- Quick and easy commissioning and maintenance

- Interfaces: analog (0/4...20 mA), RS485 (Modbus), CAN (option), Profinet (option)

- Enhanced protection of measuring heads for robust use in even the harshest environmental conditions


The non-hazardous microwave measurement technology means that no safety precautions are required, which offers a considerable advantage compared to other measurement systems.


For more information and all areas of application, have a look at the attached brochure.

In memory of Mike Eplee, PLEVA USA

January 2024

Last week, Mr. Michael Wayne Eplee, owner of PLEVA USA, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 66.

Mike worked for PLEVA in the USA for more than 30 years and was widely recognized in the industry for his broad knowledge and pragmatism. He served the North American market for PLEVA as a valuable, loyal business partner in Sales and Service. But, above all, he was known for his friendly and always cooperative manner, which made many business partners become friends.
Our thoughts are with his daughter Ashlee. We share her grief and offer our sincere support at this difficult time. We also wish Mike's many friends and acquaintances much strength in coping with this loss.

In the meantime, the market is being managed by our team in Germany.

SuccessStory at CPB Dyeing: Ensuring Consistency and Stability

December 2023

Santista Argentina S.A. the well known producer of workwear, aimed for process stability and consitent, high quality without differences in color shade between center and selvedges at their CPB dyeing process. With our contactless side/center/side application measurement AF 310 in combination with process visualization and control, they found a perfect solution.

The equipment enables the customer to assess and control the dye application directly online to maintain a uniform dye pick-up. Besides a happy and satisfied customer with consitent dyeing results, it has a great impact on the environment as well:

- Due to our First-Time-Right-Principle, shade variation and poor qualities are avoided which equals less seconds and significant resource savings.
- No redyeing, washing and drying is needed.
- Only the required chemicals are used.

You want to know more about the SuccessStory at SANTISTA?
Have a look at the attached file with all details.

¡Gracias Guatemala y Honduras - fue un placer!

October 2023

From 16 to 20 October 2023, the PROJECT SHOWCASE Guatemala and Honduras of the VDMA Textile Machinery association took place. It has been an interesting week with many insights into the Central American market as well as great people. And of course, we were very proud to present our „Heroes for Sustainability and Efficiency“ which support producers in reaching new levels at their processes.

Thanks to all the participants and the organizers for the great event.

SuccessStory at Coating: Smart Quality Control with PLEVATEC pro

August 2023

PLEVATEC pro, process visualization, control, textile, textiles, textile industry, coating, technical textiles, coated, supervision

Producing coated fabrics (e.g. blackouts) for the high-end market requires precise work and the right production set-up. Thus, smart quality control for the coating process and a reliable measurement system are essential for best results. Our valued Turkish customer APRESAN who is well-known for high product quality opted once again for the PLEVA side/center/side application measurement (AF 310) and the recently launched PLEVATEC pro process visualization and control system.

The result is: more constancy, reproducibility, evenness, and process security accompanied by less rejects as well as resource savings.

You want to know more about the SuccessStory at APRESAN?
Have a look at the attached file with all details.

Thanks for visiting PLEVA at ITMA Milan

June 2023

It was a great pleasure for us to meet in person with valued customers, old friends, and interested visitors to discuss technological solutions for more efficient and sustainable processes. And ITMA is always something extra special: A unique opportunity to meet with textile producers and machine makers from all over the world to tranform the world of textiles with new ideas and technologies.

At the ITMA in Milan, we also presented our latest high-end camera technology, the SL smart straightening machine, an optimized microwave measuring technology and much more.

You want to know more about our innovations?
Further information can be found in the enclosed brochure.

SuccessStory at ETV Textilveredlung with weft-straightener SL smart

May 2023

Perfectly straightened fabrics and easy handling was the wish of ETV Textilveredlung when they were looking for a new weft-straightener. The German textile finishing company produces a variety of articles and qualities for different application areas (automotive, sportswear, building materials, protective clothing, home textiles, medicine, filtration).

With the SL smart, they have found the right solution, which convinces with the unique traversing camera technology and the intuitive operating concept.
Dirk Tunney, Managing Director is satisfied: „Very good straightening results have been achieved for all articles. Even in the case of very special fabric designs and structures, the stored recipes always deliver a good result. The positive experiences in the use and easy handling of the SL smart straightening machine (which is in use since 2021) have prompted us to install a new PLEVA high-tech straightening machine in March 2023."

Would you like to learn more about our weft-straightener?
Take a look at the attached SuccessStory!

Sustainable SuccessStory with STFI at Spunlace Production

September 2022

STFI, AquaJet, Spunlace, Nonwovens, Nonwoven, Sustainable, Sensor, Measurement Technology, Process Control, Process Visualzation, Energy savings, PLEVA, Spunlace, Temperature, Exhaust humidity, Residual moisture

We look forward to participate at the 35th Hofer Vliesstofftage on September 20-21, 2022. In line with the famous nonwovens event, we are pleased to introduce a new Sustainable SuccessStory at Spunlace Process in cooperation with the STFI Chemnitz, Center of Excellence in Nonwovens.

With a special measurement and control concept great results have been achieved such as:
- Reduction of gas consumption by up to 20% due to running on target moisture
- Prevention of surface damages due to gentle heating curves

Interested to see our solution at the STFI spunlace laboratory in detail?
Have a look at the attached SuccessStory or get in touch with us at the Hofer Vliesstofftage!

New representation Pestel Ingenieurbüro

September 2022

PLEVA, Pestel Ingenieurbüro, Peter Pestel, Weft-straightener, weft-straightening, textile, textiles

We are happy to inform that we are now represented in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo as well as Montenegro by Pestel Ingenieurbüro. Since the beginning of Pestel Ingenieurbüro in 2000, owner Peter Pestel has been focusing on quality, reliability as well as partnership in his international sales of production lines, machines, and components for the textile industry and other industries.

With this, Pestel is a great partner for PLEVA Sensors and Controls and we look forward to the cooperation!

Microwave Measurement Solutions Boost Efficiency and Sustainability

August 2022

PLEVA, sensors, microwave measurement, contactless, moisture, application, add-on, dyeing, sizing, save chemicals, reduce wastewater load, efficiency, sustainability, textile, textiles, nonwovens, paper, foils

Various coating, application or other add-on processes require the usage of valuable chemicals. Therefore, only the required amount of the chemical should be added to the fabric to ensure the right result and not waste resources.
By setting the optimum process parameters using our contactless microwave measurement technology for coating, sizing, dyeing, and other processes, a considerable amount of energy as well as chemicals can be saved. And by the way: wastewater pollution can also be reduced. This takes the efficiency and sustainability of your production to a new level.

See the video with our Sales and Service Director Volker Müller and get more information.

Click here for the video

¡Por el futuro juntos en Guatemala, Honduras y El Salvador!

July 2022

JC Niemann, PLEVA, sensors, sensores, textile, paper, papel, textiles, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

We are happy to announce that we are now represented in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador by J.C. Niemann.

J.C. Niemann is a well known name in the Central American industry with experience of more than 50 years in the textile business itself and is also active in several other industries. Thanks to Christian Grotewold and Ricardo Spiegeler for visiting our company in Germany and we look forward to successful cooperation.

Nos complace anunciar que ahora estamos representados en Guatemala, Honduras y El Salvador por J.C. Niemann.

J.C. Niemann es un nombre muy conocido en la industria centroamericana con una experiencia de más de 50 años sólo en el negocio textil y también es activo en varias otras industrias. Gracias a Christian Grotewold y Ricardo Spiegeler por visitar nuestra empresa en Alemania y esperamos una cooperación con mucho éxit

More information/más información

Sensores and Sustainability - a Perfect Match

July 2022

Sensors, Sustainability, Textile, Paper, Textile industry, exhaust humidity, process control, process visualization, fabric temperature, residual moisture, save energy, energy efficiency

Industrial processes are in most cases very energy-intensive. However, by setting the optimum process parameters using our sensors for exhaust humidity (FS X), fabric temperature (TDS), and residual moisture (RR) in combination with control systems like the PLEVATEC smart a considerable amount of energy and thus, CO2 can be saved. This is why we call our products "Heroes for sustainability".

See the video with our Sales and Service Director Volker Müller, which was part of our live VDMA Spotlight Talk from Techtextil in Frankfurt, and get more information on how to become efficient and sustainable!

Click here to see the video

VDMA Spotlight Talk from Techtextil Frankfurt

June 2022

Sustainability, Textile, Technical Textiles, VDMA, Techtextil, Textile Industry, Sustainable Textiles

Want to know how to become efficient and sustainable in textile finishing? Have a look at the VDMA Spotlight Talk with Volker Müller, Sales and Service Director, and Kathrin Pleva, Member of Management!

In times of rising energy prices and discussions on cost reductions as well as sustainability, practical solutions are required. PLEVA is excited to present the latest technologies for these matters: the weft-straightener SL smart, the recently improved microwave system for online coating/application measurement, and the new process control system PLEVATEC smart for the integration of the renowned sensors.

Click here and get more information

Sustainable SuccessStory: Minimal Application

April 2022

minimal application, sustainability, textile industry, resource saving, sensors, measuring system, application measurement, residual moisture, order

The avoidance of wasted resources is one of the most important steps toward efficient and sustainable production. The process of minimal application is directly addressing this matter. To ensure that just the right amount of resources are used, a controlled process is crucial. The PLEVA AF 120 sensor with a special control system enables a continuous optimized process that leads to success. Great feedback from a Belgian customer with mattress production underlines the impressive impact on savings of softener, electrical energy, heat energy, and speed increase.
Have a look at the attached SuccessStory and find out how to achieve optimal minimal application processes.

Our Latest Technologies

April 2022

PLEVA weftstraightener, weftstraightening, process control, process visualization, sensors, textile industry, paper, foil

Heroes for Sustainability, the new SL smart weft-straightening machine and the modular PLEVATEC smart process visualization/control system. These and more are our highlights for 2022.

VDMA Webtalk: Sustainability with minimal application

February 2022

Minimal application, sustainable textile industry, textiles, sustainability, process control, process optimization

"The most environmentally friendly resource is the one that is not consumed." In line with this motto, a VDMA Webtalk on the topic of "Sustainability with minimal application" took place on February 17, 2022. In this, PLEVA in cooperation with WEKO presented how minimal application processes combined with sensors and control technology can achieve significant energy and resource savings. Volker Müller, PLEVA Sales and Service Director, introduced solutions with the title "Monitoring and optimizing minimal application by continuous measurement technology".

Interested to learn how sensors and control technology can make minimal application processes sustainable?

Click here to rewatch the webtalk

Sustainable SuccessStory at Steamers

January 2022

oxygen measurement, textile dyeing, steaming process, sustainability, process control

Oxygen is not only the crucial element for life but also a critical parameter in the steaming processes of textiles. The content of oxygen in steamers has a direct impact on color fixation and reaction processes and thus, can influence textile dyeing dramatically. To prevent negative impacts on the goals of production, reliable measurement of the oxygen content is needed.

The PLEVA OS oxygen sensor allows to continuously monitor the level of oxygen. With its high measuring accuracy and robustness, it ensures optimal quality control. This is not only efficient but also sustainable: Due to the prevention of color deviations and a reduction of steam consumption, it saves valuable resources and enhances energy efficiency.

Pioneer of Sustainable Sizing

December 2021

Size application, sustainability, sizing, textile industry, reduce wastewater

A PLEVA system for the measurement and control of the sizing gave a customer in Southeast Asia the possibility to see and optimize the size application directly online. The customer, which is in the textile dyeing and finishing sector, produces different goods for the automotive industry, the medical sector up to the fashion industry.

The installed system consists of a sensor for size application AS 120 and the control system SizeControl. Those allow the sizing process, which is a generally resource-intensive process, to be carried out efficiently and sustainably. By controlling the pressure of the squeezing rollers, an optimal sizing application over the entire batch is guaranteed, weaving efficiency increased and valuable resources are saved. All important parameters can be operated and evaluated directly via our SizeControl visualization. Moreover, the system is integrated into the company network so that all values can be viewed from the office at any time. This ensures a high level of process reliability and simple operation.

Get more information about AS 120 here

Weft-Straightening Solutions at Denim

October 2021

Weft straightening denim turkey distortion correction

We are proud too see the satisfied faces of our customers at MARİTAŞ DENİM from Kahranmanmaras, Turkey.

MARİTAŞ DENİM is a young and dynamic company supplying denim fabric to the leading apparel brands of the world. As a full-stage denim manufacturer up to the finished jeans pants, a holistic and modular solution for weft-straightening was necessary. With the SL 2, our super sturdy StraightLiner, pre-skewing is easily handled for the highest quality in over 400 different items – from high stretch light denim to deep black „black out“ denim. With our live measurements of the fabric (for skew, bow, width and density), the customer can easily find the right settings. This modular design guarantees the customer a future-proof investment and options for extensions tailored to the customer's needs.

We thank MARİTAŞ DENİM for their trust in us, and BGM Makina Teknik for the support at this project and look forward to a further successful cooperation.

Get more information about the SL 2 here

Sustainable Drying Processes with Sensor FS X

October 2021

Small – but effective. Our exhaust humidity sensor FS X boosts not only the efficiency but also the sustainability in drying processes. By optimizing the humidity inside dryers, the exhaust volume can be reduced and energy for drying set to a minimum. In turn, you reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. This makes the PLEVA FS X a true hero for sustainability.

And by the way: The sensor is extremely robust as well. It is fitted for temperatures up to 600°C and high air pollution levels.

Find out more about our exhaust humidity sensor FS X here.

Happy Customers: Successful Weft-Straightening Systems

August 2021

In Turkey, recent PLEVA weft-straightening installations with several weft-straighteners StraightLiner SL and additional StructureDetectors SD on existing and new stenter frames showed their success at Boyteks. Boyteks is known as a prominent manufacturer of mattress ticking and upholstery fabric both in Turkey and the world.

With the used PLEVA weft-straighteners, complex and diversified woven and knitted fabrics can be easily handled and demonstrably perfectly straightened. The SD measuring bridge in the outfeed guarantees direct "online" monitoring of the fabric in terms of skew, bow, width, and density. In addition, the control of the overfeed (inlet stenter) and stripping roller (outlet stenter), based on the measured values of the outfeed SD, guarantees our customers the highest quality.

We thank Boyteks for their trust in us and Burak Kökdemir (BGM Makina Teknik) as our agency and representation in Turkey for the support in this great project!

For more information on this topic feel free to contact our Sales-team.
Click here to get more information about our weft-straightener SL1

Lecture at International Textile Online Week "Resource efficient application technologies"

July 2021

Head of R&D Dr. Jürgen Thoms

During the first International Textile Online Week at Hof University of Applied Sciences, which took place from July 12 to 16, PLEVA Head of R&D Dr. Jürgen Thoms gave a lecture on "Resource efficient application technologies: Efficiency and sustainability with sensors and controls from dyeing to drying". Thereby, on the one hand, he presented various measuring technologies for increasing efficiency and quality within textile production. On the other hand, it was shown how the manufacturing processes can be optimized with the help of PLEVATEC systems.

We are happy to have given the students of the Hof University of Applied Sciences an insight into the various possibilities of a sustainable, resource-saving production of textiles and to exchange ideas.

For more information on this topic, you can download the presentation below.

Sustainable SuccessStory: Sizing

July 2021

Sizing is the key aspect for a high yarn quality and high weaving-efficiency. However, in practice, this process is mostly not efficient from an economical as well as ecological perspective: Too much sizing agents are applied, higher pollution is caused, desizing and drying get more expensive, and an unstable quality (lower weaving-efficiency) results.
The PLEVA AS 120 offers a solution for these matters: It measures and controls the size add-on reliably and continuously. By this, you can reduce wastewater drastically and also save a lot of money.

Find out more about the sustainable advantages of the AS 120 in our attached SuccessStory.

VDMA Webtalk "Microwave Measurement Technology for Coating" with Johannes Lutz

May 2021

In an international textilemachinery Webtalk by the VDMA on Thursday, 20th May 2021 Johannes Lutz, PLEVA Research and Development Engineer, and Jürgen Hanel, Monforts Head of Technical Textiles, talked about „Magnetic Coating and Microwave Technology“.

Johannes Lutz illustrated in his presentation „Microwave Measurement Technology for Coating“ how microwave sensors can ensure a high efficiency as well as quality in coating. An overview and the benefits of the microwave technology were presented as well as the newest developments in electronic evaluation. Practical examples were used to explain how this type of measurement leads to a sustainable success.

Interested to learn more about the PLEVA microwave sensors?
Below you can find the presentation for download.

Sustainable SuccessStory: Coating of Technical Textiles

April 2021

For the production of technical textiles – such as sun protections or blackout curtains – chemicals are added to textiles. To save these valuable resources and prevent rejected goods (due to too much or too little coating), the contactless measurement and control of the add-on is required. The PLEVA microwave sensors help you to produce sustainable and also cost-efficient.

Have a look at the attached SuccessStory and find out more on how to go sustainable with the PLEVA sensors.

Make a Sustainable Impact with SL smart

March 2021

Nowadays new products have to meet not only economic but also ecological standards. This is why our new weft-straightener SL smart does not only help our customers to get the best quality out of their goods, but it also improves the sustainability of the production.

Due to the first-time-right-principle, only one round through the production line with the respective fabric is needed and the aimed result is directly produced. This saves energy and valuable resources. Besides this due to the higher quality of the goods, there are no more costly readjustments or wasted fabrics, and customer complaints can be reduced drastically.

Click here to get more information about SL smart.

The New and Smart Way of Weft-Straightening

February 2021

We always aim to give our customers the best possible solution, fitted to their individual needs. This is why we combined the highest PLEVA standards with various options for customization at our new weft-straightener SL smart. It gives our customers the opportunity to design a machine that is directly fitted to their needs. We included several possibilities of customization (e.g. options for knitted goods, special process control packages…), adaption to Industry 4.0 applications and much more - and all at the most efficient costs.

Be ready to boost your textile production to new levels of quality and efficiency. The new and smart way of weft-straightening - SL smart.

Click here to get more information about SL smart.

We are Heroes for Sustainability

January 2021

Sustainability in production was listed in a LinkedIn-survey of us as the main goal in 2021.
In general, sustainable production of textiles, paper, nonwovens, foils, or others can mean several things: One can use as little energy (gas, electricity...) as possible. Or you can use only as much of a resource (e.g. chemical) as necessary which in turn reduces wastewater pollution. Or also processes that are becoming more and more prevalent, such as minimum application, are good approaches to become a bit greener.

In the coming year, we would therefore like to present our approaches for more sustainability to you – because we are your HEROES FOR SUSTAINABILITY.

SuccessStory: SL production

December 2020

PLEVA stands for high quality and flexibility - made in Germany.
Recently, a Turkish customer chose several PLEVA weft-straightener StraightLiner SL and a detection monitoring with control via outlet StructureDetector SD for their existing stenter frames.
We take you on the journey of how our straightening machines are manufactured in our German headquarter – from the online planning with the customer up to the final product and delivery.

Interested to learn more? You can see the individual steps of the production in the PDF file below.

VDMA Webtalk "Sustainable denim production: latest finishing technologies" with Dr. Jürgen Thoms

November 2020

With around 110 billion USD value worldwide in 2020, the global denim market is a cornerstone of the textile industry. At the same time, the production of denim is usually involving a lot of resources and therefore sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly important.

In an international textilemachinery Webtalk by the VDMA on Thursday, 12th November 2020 experts presented practical solutions. Dr. Jürgen Thoms, PLEVA Head of Research and Development, talked about „High-Tech Control Devices for Denim Finishing“. Thereby, he presented online measuring and control devices for sustainable and cost-effective denim finishing. The latest technologies in straightening, preskewing, moisture management, and quality reporting were also shown.

Interested to learn how to make denim more sustainable? Below you can find the presentation for download.

SuccessStory in Paper Impregnation: Increased process stability with RF 120

September 2020

Printed décor paper and finish foils are used in the furniture industry for furniture surfaces or laminate floorings. In the production of such papers and foils the installation of PLEVA sensors RF 120 on the impregnation lines has achieved great results: By measuring the material moisture (impregnation) and controlling it, a stable process could be achieved during all production times with the same parameters.

The producer of the décor papers underlines: “We climbed to another level of process stability.”

More information about the SuccessStory can be found in the presentation below for download.

For further questions please feel free to contact our sales team.

VDMA Webtalk „Energy efficiency in textile dyeing and finishing“ with Fabian Buckenmayer

August 2020

Energy efficiency in textile dyeing and finishing is important to save valuable resources and make the production more economical. In an international textile machinery Webtalk by the VDMA on Thursday, 27th August 2020 experts presented possible solutions.

Fabian Buckenmayer, PLEVA Sales Manager and Application Specialist, has talked about „Sensors and controls to ensure an energy-efficient textile production“. Thereby, he illustrated how the measurement and control of process parameters such as the application moisture, exhaust humidity and more can lead to sustainability and efficiency in textile production.

Interested to learn how to increase efficiency? Below you can find the presentation for download.

SuccessStory in Tissue Industry: Saving energy by reducing exhaust air

June 2020

Due to the recent Corona crisis, we are facing a high demand for hygienic products such as tissue and toilet paper. At the same time, topics such as ecological production with energy and cost efficiency are more present than ever before. We have a solution for both issues - our PLEVA FS X HT sensor. It allows us to save energy in tissue production by measuring the exhaust moisture and based on this, control and optimize the amount of exhaust air from the dryer.

More information about the SuccessStory can be found in the presentation below for download.
For further questions please feel free to contact our sales team.

SuccessStory in Bangladesh: Consistent quality at CPB dyeing due to PLEVA solution

February 2020

CPB dyeing is often a difficult process to control. During this process, the shade of the dyed fabric is often not constant over the batch length and in the width (side-center variation). The particular textile fabric and the pre-treatment of the fabric also influence the absorbency. All this makes it difficult to achieve a constant quality during dyeing.

The online measurement of the dye application with the PLEVA AF310 in combination with the process control PadderControl CIMATIC minimizes these shade variations and enables a constant quality. At Silver Composite Textile in Bangladesh we have been able to reduce these shade variations of their fabrics significantly by using the PLEVA systems.

More information about the SuccessStory can be found in the presentation below for download. For further questions please feel free to contact our sales team.

SuccessStory in India: PLEVA speeds up textile production

December 2019

The installation of the PLEVA system on the stenter frame of Indian textile producers increased the production speed.

By using TDS sensors for measuring the fabric temperature as well as the Dens'nDry for process control and visualization, the speed during heatsetting could be increased by up to 27%, during drying by up to 36%, and during finishing by up to 22%. All in all, the PLEVA system boosted the efficiency, productivity and quality of the production from very satisfied customers.

For further questions, our sales team is happy to answer your requests. More information and the exact results of the SuccessStory can be found in the file below.

SuccessStory of Stripe Satin in France

March 2019

There were many problems with the production of stripe satin by customers in France. Due to the reflection of the matt and shimmering stripes and the special structure of the material, it was impossible for previous weft-straighteners to detect and correct distortions. This caused production losses of about 30%, which had to be corrected manually.

The PLEVA straightening system SL, which is unique on the market, solved this problem and straightened the textile. This allows a more effective, faster production and the losses could be reduced to almost 0%.

More information about the SuccessStory of the SL in France can be found here.

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