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Since 1969

Family business. Values. Innovation.



We only produce Made in Germany, oriented to our customers for extremely hard circumstances.



We manufacture products, which lead to a reduced usage of resources .



We cooperate with DHBW Horb a.N., Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Schule Balingen and Gottlieb-Daimler-Technikerschule Böblingen.



We support various social projects from our home in the Black Forest area.



We are worldwide available for our customers.



1969   November, 11 - Foundation of the company g.pleva by Harry and Gudrun Pleva in Rutesheim

1974   Relocation to Horb-Bildechingen

1975   Induction of the assembly hangar in Robert-Bosch-Str. 29

1980   Change of the corporate form into PLEVA GmbH, chairman Harry Pleva

1985   Induction of administration and production building in Robert-Bosch-Str. 31

1985   Award "Förderpreises 1984 Deutschen Textilmaschinenbaus" (3rd price Walter-Reiners-Stiftung) to Ralf Pleva 

1990   Relocation to Empfingen, Induction of administration and production building

1992   Foundation of a new additional plant location in Niederdorf near Chemnitz

1993   Change in the management from Harry Pleva to his son Dr. Ralf Pleva

1998   Foundation of PLEVA USA

2000   Induction of the research & development and administration building

2002   Induction of the assembly hangar

2003   Award "Egon-Elöd-Preis" to Dr. Ralf Pleva from Verein Deutscher Textilveredlungsfachleute e.V. (VDTF)

2006   Cooperation agreement with CINTEX AG for Asia

2008   Educational cooperation with Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Schule Balingen and Gottlieb-Daimler-Schule Sindelfingen

2011   Educational partnership with Dualer Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Horb

2019   Acquisition of CIMATIC products from CINTEX AG

2019   50th anniversary of foundation



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