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Saving energy and CO2

Industrial processes are usually very energy-intensive. By setting the optimum process parameters using our sensors and control systems, a considerable amount of energy and thus CO2 can be saved.



Adjustments or even rejects are very cost-intensive and unnecessarily consume valuable resources. Our process control systems enable us to produce the desired end product directly.


Reduce chemical usage

Coating, dyeing and finishing processes often require valuable chemicals. These should therefore only be used in the necessary quantities in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. This makes recording and process optimization essential. In addition, the wastewater load can also be reduced in this way.


Green energy

With a powerful, in-house solar system on the roof of our production hall, we supply our buildings as well as machines with green energy and thus actively contribute to more sustainability.



In our production, we handle our resources with care. Separation of recyclable materials, recycling and the use of high-quality materials enable efficient and environmentally friendly production.

In general, sustainable production of textiles, paper, nonwovens, films or other products can mean different things. Our products contribute sustainably to lower resource consumption.

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