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StraightLiner SL 1 and SL 2

Your advantages:


Modular high-tech weft-straightening machine (weft-straightener) for woven and knitted fabrics, customizable to individual requirements.


Distortion evaluation by high-tech smart camera system with highest detection capability

(e.g. DENIM, overdyed black DENIM, Jacquard, Africa damasks, high-quality fabrics for automotive industry, Biber bed linen, stripe satin, technical fabrics, ultra-high filter fabrics, textile glass fabrics, textile lattice fabrics)


Precise distortion analysis with robust high-speed traversing including many measuring values over complete fabric width starting direct at selvedge


Shortest roller adjustment times due to computer-controlled servo drives for highest correction accuracy.





Upgradeable to inlet-outlet straightening systems with additional structure detector SD in the outlet for precision control of the outfeed roll, distortion protocol, end width measurement, sectional evaluation.


Upgradeable to inlet-outlet straightening systems with additional precision straightener SLP in the outlet.


Upgradeable with flexible process control.





SL 1 für maximum fabric widths up to 2800 mm

SL 2 super sturdy version for maximum fabric widths up to 5400 mm

SL 2 X with second straightening module for small and wide fabric widths

SL 1 P / SL 2 P precision straightening machines with short fabric content for small, fast and precise distortion corrections

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